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Oregon Chooses Tyler Technologies' Odyssey® Integrated Court Management System for Statewide Implementation

Odyssey to support Oregon's eCourt program by creating efficiencies, broadening public access

Tyler Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: TYL) today announced that the State of Oregon has selected Tyler's Odyssey®Court Management System for statewide implementation supporting all state trial courts. Odyssey supports Oregon's eCourt goal of using technology to streamline court processes, reduce costs from handling and storing paper files, provide around-the-clock access to court information, and provide better information for judicial decision-making.

The Oregon eCourt program's goal is to create a statewide Web-based courthouse that transforms how Oregon's court system serves the people of Oregon, including using technology to shift the present paper-based system to digital information and Web-based services.

Oregon sought to replace its current court software with a single-solution provider model, choosing to have one vendor that could provide a modern and flexible end-to-end solution.

The contract between Tyler and the State of Oregon is valued at approximately $31 million, which includes software and implementation. The new agreement positions Odyssey to become a foundation of Oregon's eCourt program by delivering deep functionality from Odyssey modules, including Case Management, Financial Management, Enterprise Content Management and eFiling. In addition, Odyssey will provide Oregon courts with ePayments, a decision support system, a statewide jury management system, an integration framework that enables electronic communication and exchange of information between Odyssey and existing justice partner information systems, and a unified Web portal to further enhance court access for the public and the legal community.

"Every day Oregon courts make critical decisions affecting people's lives and livelihoods," said Oregon's Chief Justice Paul J. De Muniz. "We need more efficient processes in order to maintain open and accessible courts-especially in our current budget environment. Giving judges immediate access to case and person-based information, providing litigants with around-the-clock access to court information, and reducing the need to handle and store 50 million pieces of paper a year are the lynchpins of our courts' ability to improve access to justice for Oregonians and lowering our long-term costs."

The state's 15-person selection committee, consisting of judges, court administrators and members of the Judicial Department's IT division, selected Odyssey after a comprehensive and competitive bidding process.

Their selection of Odyssey was tied to several differentiating factors, including Tyler's experience and success with other statewide Odyssey implementations, such as North Dakota, which was visited by members of Oregon's selection team. The team also visited Clark County, Nevada, to evaluate Odyssey's performance in a large, complex county court environment.

"The integrated Odyssey package allows us to follow through on our concept of a single-solution provider, reducing the need to weld together our own system," said Scott Smith, the Oregon Judicial Department's eCourt program director. "Comprehensive software, reduced integration needs, and a strong Tyler team means less risk to the Department. We believe that Odyssey will help Oregon's eCourt program become successful in improving court efficiency and in giving our citizens and the legal community access to our court system around the clock no matter where they might be."

Smith added: "Tyler has a strong track record with statewide implementation of the Odyssey court management system. Our conversations with current Odyssey customers validated Tyler's success in other states and reinforced our impressions about the depth of their subject-matter expertise and ability to provide the necessary technology, services and support to build Oregon's eCourt."

Tyler has successfully deployed Odyssey statewide in Indiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota as well as in counties in eight other states; in all, Odyssey serves over 400 counties with a combined population of more than 40 million.

Oregon's Odyssey rollout will begin with one pilot court, then expand to five early-adopter courts followed by the statewide rollout. Once implemented, courts in all 36 Oregon counties will have access to the same database and will be able to improve data-sharing with other agencies, including the state police and prison system.

"Tyler is proud to have Odyssey be a key component of Oregon's statewide eCourt program, and we are confident in our abilities to help Oregon make its eCourt vision a reality," said John Marr Jr., Tyler's president and chief executive officer. "Our experienced implementation team is eager to help Oregon build an elite court system that could become a model of efficiency for other states to follow."

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